Find out the estimated cost of auto glass repair or auto glass replacement.

What Our Full Lifetime Warranty Covers

At Blue Chip Auto Glass we want you to be completely satisfied with your auto glass repair or replacement experience. For this reason, your purchase is always covered by the Blue Chip Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. At the end of our auto glass replacement service your technician will attach a warranty sticker to the interior top left corner of your windshield for you to refer to in the event that you have issues with our service. Please note that your warranty is non-transferable if you sell or gift your vehicle.

Warranty Inclusions

Here is a list of possible warranty inclusions and their remedies:

  • Defect in the glass such as lamination separation, bubbling or distortion will be handled by replacement of the glass at no cost to you.

  • Failed repairs can be handled by either attempting to stop the chip from growing further (new repair at no charge) or we will provide you with a credit towards glass replacement equivalent to the cost of the original repair.

  • Workmanship issues such as stress cracks will result in full windshield replacement at no cost to you.  Stress crack are easily identified by a crack originating from the perimeter of the windshield with no discernible impact point.

  • Air noises or water leaks will be handled by identifying and fixing troubled area to you complete satisfaction.

Warranty Exclusions

Here is a list of warranty exclusions:

  • Windshield or other auto glass replacement will not be covered by the Blue Chip Auto Glass Warranty on vehicles with existing rust on the pinchweld.

  • The Blue Chip Auto Glass warranty does not cover new auto glass damage such as a rock from the road or golf ball through a door glass.

Committed to Completing it Correctly the First Time

At Blue Chip Auto Glass we are confident that the chances of you needing to use your warranty are very slim.  This is because we are committed to completing your auto glass replacement correctly the first time.  This includes using only the best parts and quality of workmanship on each and every job.

Call Blue Chip Auto Glass today at 623-885-5330 and find out why our customers often become customers for life.