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Urethane is the adhesive (or glue) that bonds automotive glass to the frame of an automobile or truck.

At Blue Chip Auto Glass, we use urethanes manufactured by Sika Corporation. U.S. Sika was established in 1937, is based in Lyndhurst, NJ and is a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials. It specializes in industrial markets including transportation, marine and automotive.

Each urethane in the market used to bond a windshield to a vehicle has its own unique set of primers which play a part in the bonding process. Similarly, each urethane has its own cure time (the time it takes for the adhesive to harden).

This cure time determines how long a customer has to wait after a windshield installation before it is safe to drive. At Blue Chip Auto Glass, our urethane of choice is Sika Tack – Cool. This product allows for an extremely fast safe drive time (45 mins – 2 hours) in most cases. In addition, in our experience this product is relatively odor free.

Another benefit to Sika’s Cool product is that it is suitable for non-conductive & high modulus applications. Many newer cars and imports call for certain rigidity ratings in the urethane that is used to install windshields in these vehicles. This more rigid adhesive holds up better to torsional twisting in the vehicle and allows for a quieter ride. Additionally, high-modulus/non-conductive urethanes limit interference to radio, cell phone and GPS devices in OEM encapsulated windshields and backglass. This product adds a significant cost to our auto glass replacement cost here in Phoenix, but we feel like our customers are worth it both from a quality and safety standpoint.

At Blue Chip Auto Glass we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality to ensure that our customers won’t ever have to call another auto glass company. We value your business.