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Windshield Moulding Destroyed by Arizona Sun

Here is a first for the team here at Blue Chip Auto Glass. One of our customers had their windshield replaced with us on June 14th, 2010. We replaced the 2011 BMW 328 windshield with an original BMW windshield and reveal moulding. We used Sika Urethane and Primer on the job. The attached pictures are what the moulding looks like 26 months later after leaving the car in uncovered parking every day at work! Tomorrow we will attempt to replace [...]

Windshield Repair – What You Should Know

The City of Phoenix can be a wonderful place to live for someone who likes to be in a desert climate with a year-round warm weather cycle. Granted, the summers can be hot, but the winters are far warmer than many other locations in the continental U.S. However, like many areas that have little or no vegetation to keep the dirt and soil in place on the ground, Phoenix can realize some outrageously large sandstorms during high wind periods. With [...]

Cracked Windshield – Was It A Bullet Or A Rock?

Everyone who has driven for any period of time, especially on highways with its share of construction vehicles, eventually gets a rock or debris thrown at their car by the vehicle in front. In many cases, that small stone would otherwise be no issue, harmlessly bouncing off and disappearing behind the rear view mirror. However, when the small bit of gravel travels at just the right trajectory it can result in a cracked windshield hitting it with the power of [...]

Don’t Let Winter Knock Out Your Car’s Windshield

Frozen Windshield – Phoenix Windshield Repair and Replacement The cold months of November through February can provide a bit of a change from the normal, hot Phoenix months in the summer. However, when a cold snap comes in, it can exaggerate already-existing windshield damage by changing the temperature of the glass and making it weak, vulnerable and prone to cracking. This, of course, can make a small chip or crack begin to spider across the car windshield, resulting in an [...]

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