Find out the estimated cost of auto glass repair or auto glass replacement.

Searching for Windshield Replacement Services in Litchfield Park, Arizona?

There’s no denying that a simple Internet search for assistance with windshield repair or auto glass replacement in Litchfield Park, Arizona, can return numerous results. What’s more is that the quality of those results might be questionable, especially when you start to consider the experience level of so-called “certified technicians.”  However, when you want to rest assured with the choice you are making regarding auto glass repair, turn to Blue Chip Auto Glass, the Litchfield Park expert in certified, best-in-class windshield replacement.

The team at Blue Chip Auto Glass believes that it is important to educate our customers in the important tenets of what to look for when searching for an auto glass repair expert.  Some of the most important things to consider, and principles Blue Chip Auto Glass abides by, include the following:

  • It is imperative that an auto glass installation technician is certified in the handling of Sika Urethane and be a member of the National Glass Association (NGA).
  • Always ask if the glass technician you are working with is certified.  Do this before you schedule an appointment.  While all technicians at Blue Chip Auto Glass are certified, the fact is, the State of Arizona does not require this certification to do this job.
  • It is not necessary to contact your insurance company prior to scheduling your windshield repair.  In fact, Blue Chip Auto Glass is happy to help you with your insurance claim and we are familiar with this process.
  • It is important to realize that not all windshield repair services are the same.  Because Blue Chip Auto Glass wants to protect the structural integrity of your vehicle, we will ensure that your windshield replacement protects against leaks, wind noise, and stress cracks.  Moreover, our lifetime guarantee safeguards that if you ever feel something is wrong, or if there is a defect in our work, we will take care of it at no cost to you.
  • Blue Chip Auto Glass:  Auto Glass Repair in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Blue Chip Auto Glass was founded upon certain ideals, including only using high-quality OEM installation parts, proper training and certification of our technicians and finally, a commitment to quality that dictates your happiness and satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about windshield replacement and auto glass repair services in Litchfield Park, Arizona, call 602-885-5330 today.