Find out the estimated cost of auto glass repair or auto glass replacement.

Blue Chip Auto Glass Offers Windshield Repair in Tramonto, Arizona

It’s true that having “car issues” can be stressful on a person, especially when you consider how busy it seems everyone is nowadays.  What’s more is that a small crack or chip in your windshield might not seem that serious and therefore, you might believe that you can “get around to fixing it later.”  However, this is not true.  A cracked or damaged windshield has the ability to turn into a big problem if left unfixed and it is important to immediately contact a certified and experienced auto glass replacement company in Tramonto, Arizona the moment you realize the damage.  With auto glass repair, early detection is key and can save you significant time and stress if corrected sooner, instead of later.

Blue Chip Auto Glass is the Tramonto, Arizona leader in windshield replacement and auto glass repair for all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs.  Our company can even help you with auto glass replacement on RVs as well as fleet vehicles.  For more information, call 602-885-5330 to speak with a trained member of our staff right now!

What should I do if my auto glass is damaged or broken?

Depending on your individual situation, it might be necessary to first identify if your auto glass damage is a result of vandalism.  If so, it will be necessary for you to call the police to file a report.  This will help make the insurance claim filing process much easier.

If your auto glass is damaged, but you have determined that it is not due to vandalism, follow these steps to get your windshield replaced or auto glass repaired:

  • Call Blue Chip Auto Glass at 602-885-5330 if you are located in Tramonto, Arizona to schedule a same day or mobile appointment.  We are happy to come to your home, office, school or any other location in order to make the process easy and efficient for you!
  • Inform us as to whether or not you will be filing an insurance claim for your auto glass repair.  If so, we can help you with this process as we have experience working with all insurance companies!
  • Wait for the Blue Chip Auto Glass technician to call you to inform you that they are on their way to your location.
  • Unlock your vehicle once the technician arrives to facilitate the auto glass replacement process.
  • After the appointment, which usually lasts less than an hour, allow the auto glass to set for approximately 90 minutes.  This ensures the integrity of the work and protects your vehicle.
  • Expect a follow-up call or survey in the mail from Blue Chip Auto Glass asking for honest feedback on our work.  Your insight is important to us as it always allows us to get better at what we do!

Auto Glass Replacement is Easy with Blue Chip Auto Glass in Tramonto, AZ

Dealing with a chipped windshield doesn’t have to be a hassle; Blue Chip Auto Glass is your go-to source for all of your windshield replacement and auto glass repair needs in Black Canyon City, Arizona. We have the ability to fix your vehicle’s damage, and will get you back on the road and on with your life quickly and efficiently!

Are you ready to schedule your auto glass repair or windshield replacement service with Blue Chip Auto Glass?  If so, call 602-885-5330 right now to speak with a customer service representative.