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Frozen Windshield - Phoenix Windshield Repair and ReplacementThe cold months of November through February can provide a bit of a change from the normal, hot Phoenix months in the summer. However, when a cold snap comes in, it can exaggerate already-existing windshield damage by changing the temperature of the glass and making it weak, vulnerable and prone to cracking. This, of course, can make a small chip or crack begin to spider across the car windshield, resulting in an entirely unsafe car part and possible windshield repair and replacement.

Glass, like all other materials, tends to change its molecular mix when the temperature changes. Cold is particularly damaging on glass that has already been weakened by a prior impact. Normally, when the windshield is whole, being laminated glass, it can withstand temperature changes just fine. But when a break already exists during the warm months, the stretching and contracting of the glass with temperature changes can make a crack start to expand when it gets cold. In a worst case scenario, the windshield can catastrophically fail when a person is driving and the car suddenly gets put under immediate stress, such as when a small debris hits the window at high speed on the highway.

The windshield itself serves a vital purpose for the car and is often taken for granted. While it provides a clear surface to look through it also provides a primary shield for any floating debris in the air while driving. This is why it is so important to make sure that the windshield will always function as needed when driving under any condition.

If you think your car or truck windshield is potentially compromised or weakened in some manner, don’t wait for the end of year winter season and a cold snap to make it clear the glass needs replacement. A clean and complete windshield replacement can be had very easily, even at a remote location. Removing the old, damaged windshield can be performed quickly and a new one installed in a short time with proper, weather-resistant sealant to keep it in place. Then, within a day or so, a driver can be traveling with a completely new, clear and safe windshield without any worries.

So if you’re looking for automotive glass repair, Blue Chip Auto Glass is available for a call.

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Cracked WinshieldEveryone who has driven for any period of time, especially on highways with its share of construction vehicles, eventually gets a rock or debris thrown at their car by the vehicle in front. In many cases, that small stone would otherwise be no issue, harmlessly bouncing off and disappearing behind the rear view mirror. However, when the small bit of gravel travels at just the right trajectory it can result in a cracked windshield hitting it with the power of a bullet.

The fact is, a car on a road or highway is moving anywhere from 30 mph to 70 mph at any given time. The stone may typically be launched into the air in the opposite direction from underneath a tire or off the back of a construction truck bin. While the stone itself may only be moving a scant 2 mph or slightly more in real time, it’s going in the wrong direction. When the car surface hits the stone in the air, it’s as if the stone itself was thrown at the windshield at just about the same speed the car is driving. Basic physics takes over: the velocity of movement times the mass of the stone creates an impact similar to a high-speed projectile.

Occasionally there are those rare occurrences when something a little bigger than a rock or pebble comes flying at your windshield like the car in this video!

What’s more amazing is the fact that car windshields can take a highway speed rock impact and generally stay intact. The laminated glass involved is so strong, it doesn’t shatter right away but instead retains it’s safety feature while still providing a transparent, see-through barrier. However, once a chip or crack occurs, that strength has been weakened. If the chip is not sealed, it will turn into a spreading crack. Once a crack develops, it is just a matter of time before the windshield will fail structurally, unless you consider windshield repair or replacement.

In Arizona drivers needing Phoenix windshield repair can make their cars safe again with the expert help and professional service of Blue Chip Glass. The company deals with all types of cars and trucks, providing quality auto glass repair for small and big jobs, regardless of vehicle type. Not only can small chips be sealed quickly and windshields replaced, the company follows and uses all the standard industry protocols for bonding a new windshield to a car, making sure it stays in place and performs as expected.

Blue Chip Glass is the way to go for a safe return to the road and a crystal clear windshield. Click on this link for more details and to make an appointment for service:

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The City of Phoenix can be a wonderful place to live for someone who likes to be in a desert climate with a year-round warm weather cycle. Granted, the summers can be hot, but the winters are far warmer than many other locations in the continental U.S. However, like many areas that have little or no vegetation to keep the dirt and soil in place on the ground, Phoenix can realize some outrageously large sandstorms during high wind periods. With all that soil and stone debris flying around, eventually a car windshield is going to get damaged.

Phoenix Windshield Repair

Legally, a car or truck with a damaged windshield has to be repaired by the owner. If driven on a public road with a cracked glass surface, a law enforcement officer can give the driver a stiff penalty ticket. Additionally, the weakened windshield creates a serious risk for the driver in the car, capable of fully breaking at any time rather than deflecting other flying debris on the road.

Phoenix auto glass repair, however, is quite affordable and available for all types of vehicles and personal budgets. Minor repair can be addressed with on-site treatment of the chipped glass, sealing the glass surface so that the weak point doesn’t begin to spider-crack and spread out across the rest of the windshield. For large-scale repair, entire vehicle windshield replacement can be professionally performed, removing the old, damaged windshield and replacing it with a brand new surface. The new unit is then locked into place with the correct industrial adhesives and mounting to provide a reliable, pressure-treated barrier for the driver to see through.

For quality Phoenix windshield repair in the metro-Phoenix, Arizona area as described above, Blue Chip Glass is the company to trust and rely on, both for small and large repair jobs. The company’s technicians are trained both with the best repair methods as well as years of experience, being able to handle multiple nuances that can occur from car to car.

Even those who think that a windshield repair may be too expensive to handle at the moment should give Blue Chip a call. In many cases, a lower-cost repair may be very possible once the company has actually examined the specific damage. Drivers should never try to string out a bad windshield just to save money. It could cost a life.

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Windshield Moulding Destroyed by Arizona Sun in Record Time!

Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement and RepairHere is a first for the team here at Blue Chip Auto Glass.  One of our customers had their windshield replaced with us on June 14th, 2010.   We replaced the 2011 BMW 328 windshield with an original BMW windshield and reveal moulding.  We used Sika Urethane and Primer on the job.  The attached pictures are what the moulding looks like 26 months later after leaving the car in uncovered parking every day at work!

Tomorrow we will attempt to replace the old moulding with a new one ahead of the clients’ lease return.  We are bringing out a new BMW windshield in case we have to do a complete reinstall.  BMW was kind enough to sell us the parts at cost since we were 2 months outside their 2 year warranty promise.  This is another great example of the Blue Chip Auto Glass warranty.  After more than 2 years of baking in the sun, wePhoenix Auto Glass Replacement and Repair will honor our full lifetime warranty even if BMW’s warranty is only two years.  The insurance company laughed when we asked if they wanted to help with the cost of the wear and tear.  If you need windshield repair or replacement in Phoenix Arizona call 602-885-5330 anytime.  Also be sure to check our our great online reviews at

Phoenix Windshield RepairI logged in yesterday to find our ninth review on Yelp that actually showed up in our viewable reviews!  Yelp is great for the very reason that it is hard to get reviews from customers to actually show up.  Yelp does a very good job of keeping spam out of their business reviews.

Melissa is a very nice lady that had the windshield replaced in her 2008 Toyota Prius.  She found us on Yelp and took advantage of our offer to send a $50 rebate for auto glass service in Phoenix.  Here is the link as well as what she had to say about us on Yelp…

So just to let you know, all the 37 filtered reviews below give this company five stars. Yes, ALL THIRTY-SEVEN people. If you don’t believe me, feel free to check. Otherwise, trust me when I say I read through all of them.

Anyway, I really don’t have too much to add other than to say this company is AWESOME, and I won’t use any other company for my auto-glass needs.

Kelly, the owner, is friendly and to the point, and promptly took care of my insurance to handle the windshield replacement claim. Freddy, the installer, arrived 1/2 an hour ahead of schedule (when does that EVER happen???) and was done within an hour. Score!

Freddy even moved the oil-change stickers from my old windshield to the new glass, which I thought was very thoughtful and indicative of a company that thinks of truly everything.

Although I didn’t mention it, Kelly reminded me of the $50 rebate check promo they’re doing right now. If you get your windshield replaced by Blue Chip, they will send you a live check for $50… nope, not a gift card or even a Visa prepaid card, but an actual check to do whatever you want with. Umm… EXTRA awesome!

Thanks for the positive feedback Melissa, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and posting it on Yelp!

One of our customers just sent this testimonial though our website.  His name is Tom and we replaced the windshield on his 1997 Thunderbird 2dr coupe.  Tom, thanks for the kind words and repeat business!…

Seems every six months or so my windshield finds a rock it likes,
and I call BlueChip Auto Glass.
As usual, BlueChip Auto Glass goes through the hassel of
contacting the Cavemen at my Insurance Company to start
the ball rolling, and at my convenience, Technician Fred replaced
the windshield quickly, efficiently and thoroughly professional.
I highly recommend Blue Chip Auto Glass to everyone in
need of glass repair or replacement on their automobile!!
If you auto glass replacement in Phoenix please call 602-885-5330 and we will be happy to schedule your appointment!

1997 Thunderbird Coupe

This is a test of our new blog.  The idea behind the Blue Chip Auto Glass blog is to update it weekly with interesting information relating to the auto glass industry both locally and nationally.  Although Blue Chip Auto Glass currently offers auto glass repair and replacement primarily in Phoenix and surrounding areas, our plan is to expand to other states within a few years.  Our service has been well received here in the valley because we provide an alternative to large national auto glass companies that are more focused on their bottom line than to the complete satisfaction of their customers.  We offer the best auto glass brands in Phoenix at reasonable prices.  Our technicians are well trained, friendly and enjoy their profession.  Our philosophy and growth strategy is to add one customer at a time, making sure that we do such a good job that we retain each customers business forever.

Thanks to our loyal customers, you can find lots of positive online reviews around the web on sites like,,,,,, and  If you need auto glass in Phoenix and want the service and brands that you deserve, call Blue Chip Auto Glass today at 602-885-5330 or

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